Power Sports Buisness Direction

Welcome folks ,a thought has passed through my head ,I think I should have a pretty good idea where we are going in this business. Being a part in every job we have to offer in this wonderful Business for over 44 years and 9 dealerships I finally feel qualified.

Look to see a growing trend in UTV or side by sides ,but growing pressure from the Government to continue to be an obstacle of where we can use them .I see a future in smaller communities and rural america to cash in on this as places to ride become harder to find .we need to support this trend and help .One can not expect it to just happen .Motor Cycles I think will stay flat but changing times and generation differences will go to more specialized use and types .The Universal bike will not exist.

Dirt biking will stay with ever increasing Dual sports due to laws for street legalizing causing this .Mx will stay about the same growth  and expense will keep it from growing to much .

A big trend is about to start ,and I think will trend towards a lot of people still using dealer ships and Accessories outlet stores instead of the internet due to breaches in security along with price protection .We will welcome you all back and love to have you comment on what we are doing .Also where you think our business is heading .

As always thanks for reading and have a great season in 2018 .RIDE ON Roger at RMK

Man what a week…


fall 2015 shop pics (3)Man what a week ,if you have not been to Rocky Mountain Kawasaki Lately we have changed a bunch.Currently sprucing up for our 14th Birthday March 7th 2016.

Also the new 2016 Models are here ,and the rest coming in weekly stop by today.

2016 The year of the Dual Sport!

As we head into the 2016 year ,look to see the introduction of the dual sport motorcycle ,one of the most user friendly machines built.Kawasaki still has the best value dual sport in the KL650R ,also introducing the performance line KLZ1000 and KLE650 fun clean $ friendly    .All great values and great rides.We here at Rocky mountain Kawasaki are ready to help you with the best riding experience and specialize in dual sport.See us at rockymountainkawasaki.com for more about specials in schedules.

Thanks again from us for a great 2015 Ride On!

Tough Pricing in Motorcycles retail

Here we are again in the middle of the (Slow season).Really hate this time of year ,here in Colorado ,it can be so warm then the bottom drops out.So do you discount like crazy or do you try to educate?

We try both and I would like to think that we do this all year long.From the customers stand point ,we have more time available to educate and be more relaxed for delivery and tend to do more (Freebies).Tends to be the nature of this buisness.

I would be interested in your insights on slow business practices and how they affect you .please respond or also respond to rockymountainkawasaki.com  .Thanks and best wishes for a great season 2015.Ride on Roger Roberts   Co-owner Rocky mountainkawasaki.Longmont Colorado.

2015 Kawasaki MuleFXT

We just returned from Kawasaki,s Summer release off the all new FXT Mule ,

Must say that it was not what we had hoped ,but was pleasantly surprised by its performance.As a general transportation 4WD it was fairly fast at 46 MPH top end but was very torquey and was able to run fairly fast even with a 26  lb trailer .The accessories are right on the money for this  versatile machine that will fit between our Mule 4010 and  the Teryx 2 and 4 seater.performance and the ability to handle up to 6 people  plus a 2 k lb payload make this a great work or play and especially hunting vehicle.